Dialogue & Action

The Centre for Dialogue and Action (CD&A) exists to create a learning environment where innovative strategies for capacity building and conflict resolution can be developed. We seek to foster dialogue that leads to positive (inter)action. Action to reverse the trends of intolerance and injustice is the need of the day. We believe that a change in mindset is possible; that we can reverse the current direction of social discrimination and community marginalization.

Many feel that the path to peace has become lost amidst a myriad of misperceptions, entrenched prejudices, and fading levels of respect. However, the goal is not too far off if our shared zeal, faith, and efforts are brought together to work towards a positive outcome. CD&A is working towards establishing new avenues that cultivate a sense of mutual respect and understanding between members of different faiths, sects, cultures, and genders. Grounded in local understanding and indigenous knowledge, CD&A works to create social awareness regarding the benefits of living in a diverse society.