Dialogue & Action

CD&A operates from three locations: Lahore, Islamabad, and Cambridge. Each location serves a specific function and adds its own strength towards the quest to propagate intercultural activities across Pakistan, and for Pakistanis in the international arena.

Lahore Centre

The Centre was launched at Forman Christian College, Lahore, in November, 2013. It is housed at one of the most dynamic educational institutions in Pakistan. Here we have pioneered the study of diversity through university level courses and student activities.

Islamabad Centre

The Islamabad Centre provides a strong base in the federal capital. The main office and resource centre is being developed in Kurri, only a short drive away from the Presidential House. From here we can work closely with national policy makers and international stakeholders in promoting dialogue for action.

Cambridge Centre

This is the Centre’s sister organization, and its structure and charter is based on the Society of Dialogue and Action. Dr. Amineh Hoti founded the Society at the University of Cambridge – one of the most prestigious universities in the world – in her alma mater, Lucy Cavendish College, in 2005. It is a formally registered charity company, which offers courses for women of all faiths aged between 17 – 80 years. The Society published a book entitled Valuing Diversity, which was distributed in 2,500 schools (more than half their number) in UK.