Dialogue & Action

Dr. Amineh Hoti

Dr. Amineh Hoti is the Executive Director of the Centre for Dialogues & Action at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University).  She is a Fellow-Commoner at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, an honorary post awarded to women who are particularly distinguished in their field” and whose association may be “beneficial to the college”. Her book, Sorrow and Joy Among Muslim Women: The Pukhtuns of Northern Pakistan (Cambridge University Press, 2006), was nominated for the 2007 Kiriyama Prize. In a review of Dr Hoti’s book, Dr Charles Lindholm (expert on the Pukhtuns) wrote, “her book is a serious and important contribution to the ethnography of the Northwest Frontier Province (KPK, Pakistan).

Charles M. Ramsey

Charles M. Ramsey is the Academic Director of the Centre for Dialogue and Action and teaches in the Department of Religion at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) in Lahore, Pakistan. He is an active member of the Common Word Movement and has been an advisor to the National Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony in Pakistan. He has studied Christianity and Islam under David Thomas at Birmingham University and Clinton Bennett at Baylor University. He also attended graduate studies in the Centre for Development, Environment, and Policy at University of London (SOAS).

Naseer John

Naseer John is Project Manager of the Centre for Dialogue and Action, F.C. College, Lahore. He carries experience of a decade gained in Disaster relief and development, humanitarian projects, Project Management, Research and Development. He is pursuing the degree, M. Phil. in Public Policy And Governance at Forman Christian College.


Umar Anjum

Umar Anjum is attached with the Centre for Dialogue and Action, F.C. College, Lahore as a Research Associate. He holds and MA and is working on his M.Phil degree. He attended Michigan State University as a Fulbright fellow and has taught at University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Saleha Majeed

Saleha Majeed is a High Court lawyer and has a Masters in Gender and Women Studies. She has previously worked with United Nations Women (Unifem) and local NGOs and has contributed towards the enactment of some of the path breaking pro women legislations. She has voiced and scripted documentaries for UNDP and now working as Project Associate with Centre of Dialogue and Action, Islamabad office.


Mahboob Basharat Mughal

Mahboob Basharat Mughal is a Research Associate at Center for Dialogue and Action, F.C. College, Lahore. He has studied History and Comparative Religion and has extensive experience in reading Nineteenth Century Punjabi Literature. 

Shuham Charles

Shuham Charles is majoring in Psychology and Education and working with the Centre for Dialogue and Action Forum as a Student Assistant.

Najma Malik

She has been working as an administrator for Convent and Bahira College for the last seven years. She has accomplished masters in Urdu language and currently extending administrative and creative support to the Centre for Dialogue And Action. She contributes in Urdu  translations of relevant material produced for and by the Centre.

Khalida Ahson

Khalida Ahson is a social development professional. She has Master’s in English Literature (1988) and Public Policy: Governance, Democracy and Institutional Building (2010). She brings experience of working with non-government organizations, village based organizations government departments and donors in the development sector, both as a program manager and as a consultant. At the Centre for Dialogue and Action (CD&A), FCC. She is concentrating in the preparation of a course pack and student’s resource materials for a course on diversity.

Qurat ul Ain

Qurat ul ain is doing her undergraduate in BSc. Hons Computer Science, BS. Hons Sociology and BA. Hons. Philosophy. She is interning at CD&A and helps manage programs and activities in the office. 

Chand Saddique

Chand is a Computer Science major. He is a student assistant at CD&A and helps in the translation of Nur-i-Afshan.

Waseem Raza

Raza has been a Translator since 2001. He started his literary and translation career at a very young age of 18 and very quickly he gained gravity among his Sub Continental readers. He has studied Applied Linguistics, Translation theory & Principles and has 14 years’ experience of doing Contextualized translations. His basic interest lies in Translation, Semitic Languages & Cultures but he loves teaching Literature. He is working as Urdu translation consultant at CD&A