Dialogue & Action

Building Bridges: Ilm, Adab, aur Insaaniat (local terms for Knowledge, Propriety and Humanity) is a unique and pioneering study in interfaith and good citizenship – the first of its kind in Pakistan. Dr. Hoti, Executive Director, CD&A, has designed these courses over the last one year in consultation with experts at home and abroad.

Introducing the latest methods of Teaching Diversity, she collected (from within Pakistan, Indonesia, the UK, and the US) a large body of textbooks for the Diversity course and for the designing of the Valuing Diversity textbook.

The first class of the Course titled, “The Dignity of Difference” was taught at FC College, Lahore, on January 30, 2014. Eighteen students were enrolled initially, but more than twenty attended the class - with more 35 students enrolled for the entire course. Read more about the launch here.


The following responses are of the first batch of students who were offered the CD&A course. The respondents unanimously appreciated the experience in terms of the enlightenment, appreciation, and meaning given to their lives in contemporary Pakistan

  1. Amna Mahmood: This course shows the other side of the coin to us Pakistanis. This is a revelation to the real world out there.
  1. Laraib Zubair: This course is very different from my other courses. It gives a very fine environment and discusses the provocative questions of local and global issues and how we see it positively rather than making more problems. It teaches us to see the other side (other perspectives) which is peace and solution-oriented as it is a Centre for Dialogue.
  1. Thaseen Yazdani: What I really liked about this course is that it has removed the misconceptions, biases and stereotypes, which I had before!
  1. Shan-e-Elahi: This course is unique and I am feeling very honored to be a part of this course. Being a senior, it seems this course takes me to the international level of education and gives me a wide experience of encountering the Other.
  1. Aroon: This course has provided me with the opportunity to know and understand people from different cultures and teach us to accept differences and respect each other.
  1. Khadija Noor: I like this course very much because it is about religions and gives the students concepts about how we are all one on the global platform.
  1. Aroona Arthur: This project is an entirely new experience for me. The opportunities we are getting and projects we are doing are awesome; and cultivate tolerance in ourselves for other religions and people.
  1. Haroon: This course is an exemplary course and unique in its own kind. The experience up until now has been remarkable!
  1. Shan Khan: I like this course due to its several practical opportunities rather than theoretical study in the classroom only. In addition, the content of this course is very interesting!
  1. Affan Tahir: The best part of this course is people of different faith sitting at one place, and learning the similarities between each other. I learnt about different faiths, some of which I had never heard of before.
  1. Huma Arshad Gill: What I really like about this course is the opportunity to classify many concepts about other religions around us, and shape our attitude in the appropriate way.
  1. Komal Shar: I like the activities that we do in the class. I especially like it because in this course we got the opportunity to meet different people from different faiths and subjects, and to engage with their views.
  1. Hassan Sher: This course has helped me to broaden my thinking and it has increased my vision. This course encourages students to participate in activities. This course has brought students of different faiths together.
  1. Shaleem Pervaz: I like this course because it talks about different religions and answers certain questions - the answers to which were not given to us previously or were quite complicated. Other than that, we have a good balance of theory and practice in this course, which is quite helpful!
  1. Suleman Nazir: I like this course because of the idea behind it. That we can understand and respect the faith and views of others by knowing about them.
  1. Sana Azam: This course is very helpful and is helping me in learning about other religions, their things and how to develop good relations with the Other.
  1. Muhammad Ali: I am very happy to join this class because I have the opportunity to know about different religions and cultures - how we can behave with each other in a peaceful manner in society.

  2. Shamaas Lal Din: This course is very different from what I have been studying in the university so far. Moreover, the best part is that we learn about other religions, cultures, and ways of thinking and interacted with students of other religions.