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Turkish Interfaith Golden Rule Poster

Dear interfaith colleagues around the world:   The Scarboro Missions Golden Rule poster which features the golden rule in 13 religions has been translated into a number of languages. It is now available in the Turkish language, free of charge. Turkish, also known as Istanbul Turkish, is the official language of Turkey which has a population of 77 million people. This language originated in the Altay region of the Eurasian steppes, with the first-known written records dating back nearly 1,300 years. Turkish is also spoken outside Turkey by six million people(mostly in Europe.) Turkish is the most widely spoken (43%) of the various Turkic languages.

The Turkish poster is publishedjointly by the Intercultural Dialogue Institute and Scarboro Missions. Please consider forwarding this announcement through your network and posting it on your website or on social media.  To view or download the Turkish poster, see attachment.


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Representatives of the 13 religions featured on the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster