Dialogue & Action

The Centre is working on developing two textbooks entitled Valuing Diversity: Pakistan and Teaching Diversity. The books will serve as the main reference text for the Centre’s course and be distributed across the country, in public and private schools alike, to reach out to the future leaders of our country.

Valuing Diversity: Pakistan is a learning resource for students, modeled after Valuing Diversity, which was released in the UK, as part of the D&A’s (Cambridge Centre) activities, in 2005. It explores an understanding of cultural dialogue and interfaith encounters, to promote mutual respect and social harmony. We have focused on incorporating examples from history and the local cultures, and covered a variety of topics to present a holistic and balanced picture.

Teaching Diversity is a teaching guide for teachers and faculty members, developed in collaboration with religious experts and leaders from different faith communities all around the world, including former Chief Rabbi and former Archbishop of Canterbury. The contributors provided relevant articles and chapters for the book and we are profoundly grateful to them for sharing their gems of wisdom.